Swiss Renewable Energy Data

This platform provides free access to data issued from the HyEnergy project of the National Research Programme 75 ‘Big Data’ (NRP 75) supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). These data comprise the annual energy potential of (i) PV solar power plants on building roofs, (ii) wind turbines and (iii) ground-connected heat pumps for Switzerland. They rely on primary data collected by Swiss Federal Offices (FSO, FOT, SFOE) and on digital images from satellites and remote sensing monitoring. Their analysis is based on advanced statistical methods and Machine Learning. See NRP75 webpage for further information.

Warning: These data have been compiled with the utmost care and precision; they are not a substitute for a detailed study of the potential of a specific renewable energy project.

Special thanks to (in alphabetical order): Paul Becquelin, Sacha Brawer, Roberto Castello, Laurent Deschamps, Fabian Guignard, Mikhail Kanevski, Nahid Mohajeri, Jasmin Nussbaumer, Jean-Louis Scartezzini and Alina Walch.

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